In their editorial Finnish IT-professionals weekly magazine Tietoviikko ( discuss the everlasting problem of delays and overrun budgets of the information technology (IT) renewal projects. What they conclude is that despite all stakeholders including consultants, customers, system providers, and end-users know the ingredients of the successful IT-project i.e. small enough projects, well defined targets, end-user involvement early enough, clear business need and owner etc. IT-projects still fail to deliver most of the time.

IT project starts often after the management team recognise that there is a need for a new enterprise wide software solution that will boost the business and improve efficiency. Several workshops and internal analysis taking huge amount of management teams’ and upper managements’ time are held to create requirements document with which system provider goes away only to come back after few months with readymade solution. At ramp-up the actual end-users of the system starts to complain that the features and functionality are not what was expected initially. At this state project is already doomed to overrun schedule and budget due to number of corrections and fixed that are required.

What would you say if I would tell you that there is another more cost efficient and effective way to manage IT-change, strategy, and transformation projects? The answers is right front of you, your employees. Now consider them as internal consultants that have the best knowledge of the challenges that the company or organisation is facing but haven’t had so far opportunity or courage to come forward with their ideas. Why wouldn’t you let your employees to work for you and tell to you what are the challenges of the existing system and what would they expect from the new system. All that is achievable with Celkee Insight® tacit information platform.

The Human Intelligence (HI) framework and Celkee Insight® platform provides transparent and real-time access to your organisations tacit information and weak signals. Celkee Insight® provides increased collaboration, transparency and trust that enables IT, strategy, transformation, and change projects to run smoothly and cost effectively. We at Celkee can help you to make right decisions at the right time, gain greater value and maximize your return on investment. Considering costs, Celkee Insight® software license fees for a 100 end-users costs less than what is the average consulting day rate. Now that is cost-effective.

If you are interested to harness your employees skills and knowledge to get most out of business and save a bunch of money at the same time please do not hesitate to contact us.

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