We at Celkee Oy are excited when global consulting company like McKinsey publishes a post about need and challenges in developing existing ways of collaboration. Why improve something that works? Your competitors are likely to do so anyway so why wouldn’t you? According to our experience, communication, interaction and information sharing methods familiar in the social media are being investigated as a source of competitive advantage by many organisations.

We think Arne Gast and Raul Lansink from McKinsey summarizes the current state well by stating that in transparent, inclusive and egalitarian environment people tend to stimulate, perform well and encourage others to become catalyst for a change that ripple throughout the organisation.

There are at least two issues that management should consider when developing organisation further. Firstly, control of the whole company and people working within, do we dare to say, is lost. People send messages to and interact with their social circle about their feelings, complaints, source of  joy etc. There is no way we can control this nor there is need to. So, instead one should have courage to find new ways how to utilise the opportunities provided by social media approach.

Secondly, when actively communicating with all the people in your organization you must be ready to accommodate and manage issues that surface. It is likely there will be some unpleasant findings, messages or feedback received. Is it better to keep things hidden and thinking ”we are ok”? We don’t think so.

In the linked article we can highlight few other things to be considered.

Real-time and transparent communication, from top to bottom AND vice versa. In the examples it was shown that by utilizing the tacit knowledge of the whole organisation, companies were able to enhance their businesses. Also, when setting and communicating new strategies, organisations didn’t succeed too well, message became unclear and people were unsure what was meant. Efficient, fast and working communication with immediate feedback loop is the key.

Another highlight from Arne’s and Raul’s blog at McKinsey:

“Mobilizing a crowd requires companies to anticipate the crowd’s expectations. Executives can maintain pace and encourage deeper engagement only through transparent feedback and rapid follow-up.”

Social media is here whether you like it or not, world has evolved. The only question is how to utilize the best parts of it in improving effectiveness of our day-to-day work?

These are the reasons why we have developed Human Intelligence solution that encourages to engage effectively, provides quick feedback loops and a novel concept combining qualitative and quantitative information.

Let us help you with this challenging topic.


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