The Need

Do you run customer experience surveys? Some of these problems most likely ring a familiar bell:

  • It’s hard to get customers to answer any surveys.
  • It’s hard to pinpoint the underlying root causes for changes in customer experience.
  • It’s hard to engage your organisation in fast actions even if there is a burning need for them.

From customer perspective the experience often is:

  • Yet another survey though I’ve not seen any actions based on the previous one yet. Why bother?
  • The company seems to work in silos. One silo is asking questions and the other one is doing everything, but not fixing the actual problems.
  • What’s in it for me? If I spend my valuable time for answering, how does it help me to achieve my objectives?

From the staff perspective the experience often is:

  • Why does it take so long to distribute the customer survey results?
  • How to connect better with the customer in order to do something about the survey findings?
  • What is the impact of actions done based on earlier surveys?

All this sums up to a fair amount of frustration to each stakeholder.

The pace of changes in most business environments is so fast that the old fashioned ”digitalized paper form” surveys for managing customer experience just don’t cut it anymore. This does not help enough in managing customer experience and succeeding in business. The winners of tomorrow are the ones who find today better ways to connect with their customers. 

Connecting with Your Customer

Connecting with the customer is mostly a people issue. Nothing beats frequent face-to-face discussion, active interactions and emotional connections. However, often geographical distances can be long, customers are at different locations, yet they need to be contacted and spend time with. Always the face-to-face option just is not feasible.

In the era of digitalizaition, advanced interaction techniques, social media technologies and real-time data analytics offer great enablers for scaling and improving the efficiency of connecting with the customes. We just need to innovate and leverage the new enablers to find new ways to manage our customer relationships better.

The Steps

First, you need to determine what are the key success factors in your customer relationship. In optimal case you can determine these together with your customer.

Second, you need to involve all stakeholder groups from your customer and your own organisation in following-up continuously the status of the key success factors. Both quantitative and qualitative data are need. Quantitative data helps in analysing the trends and comparing the status with other customers. Qualitative data helps in identifying the relevant weak signals for fast corrective actions.

Third, you need to establish a process for continuous follow-up and fast corrective actions. Measuring and managing  customer experience successfully needs to be integrated into your core process – its not something you glue on top of them.

Fourth, you need to share the status of the key success factors to all stakeholders in real-time. If you still believe that all wisdom is in the corner room and only the top management knows the right actions, you are wrong – sorry. 

“When you measure your services experiences, it pays off if you make the data as transparent as possible to everyone involved and format it to enable collaboration that fosters continual improvement.” Service Design From Insight to Implementation, Andy Polaine, Ben Reason & Lavrans Løvlie

Finally, you need to empower and engage your organisation in fast actions utilizing new customer connections provided by the established process.

With this recipe it’s hard to fail. The process helps in building better connections and trust with your customers. Even if the environment changes, key stakeholders change or objectives change you have a process to identify the relevant signals and make fast corrective actions – together with your customer.


If the above sounds good but seems complicated to implement we have good news for you. Celkee Insight® implements a simple solution that provides all key functionalities needed to implement the process above. Celkee Insight®:

  • Implements a customizable continuous process.
  • Provides your customer with a real-time channel for giving feedback.
  • Offers a channel for immediate reaction based on the feedback.
  • Provides both quantitative and qualitative data optimised for analysing trends and identifying the relevant weak signals.
  • Provides a relevant real-time transparency to all stakeholder groups, within your organisation and your customer’s organisation.
  • It’s motivating for your customer to use, because it helps to connect and engage people in common interests and objectives.

Until now very few corporations have built this kind of solutions in-house and they have required huge investments. Celkee Insight® is a disruptive solution that can be easily customized to serve many kinds of customer experience management needs in a cost-efficient way.

Our Celkee Insight® Customer Experience Management service goes far beyond plain surveying and it helps you to succeed in your customer relationships and in your business.

Please contact us and we’ll tell more.